How can I update WhatsApp Plus?

How to update WhatsApp Plus? Even though the updates are supposed to be automatically installed on our devices, this resource may be found disabled.

In these cases, we can follow some simple steps to update WhatsApp Plus manually.

What is an APK mod and how can I update WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a popular mod from WhatsApp Messenger. It is pretty similar to the official app but features some extra tools.

WhatsApp Plus APK was originally developed by XDA. However, the company stopped releasing updates in 2020 and also removed all the previous versions of this APK from its platform.

Later, two new developers went into business and recreated the APK. WhatsApp Plus has nowadays millions of downloads worldwide.

How can I update WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus offers a range of tools that are not found in WhatsApp Messenger. That is the main reason many users prefer the Plus APK. To start the installation of the WhatsApp Plus update, you must do as follows:

Access the WhatsApp Plus app from your mobile device. Then, go to the setting options on your app. You can find the three vertical dots icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

When it opens the setting menu, you will have a list of options available. Find “WhatsApp Plus settings” among them. Then click on it.

A new screen will be displayed with other options. On the bottom of the screen, you will find the “Update WhatsApp Plus” button. Once you click on it, the app will scan for the latest update available for the device.

If there is an update available for your device, it will be displayed on the screen and you be able to select it to download.

Abnormally, there may be some inconvenience to find the newest update. In those events, you can always download the updated application file from a trustworthy website.

After installing, it may be required to close the app and start it again to run the alterations.


Installation of WhatsApp Plus is very much like installing official WhatsApp Messenger. The only difference is the download, which has to be performed from a third-party source.

To enable this option on your device you need to reach the Settings menu on your device and enable the Unknown Sources tool.

After downloading the APK file, install it as requested. In case you experience any trouble, check the versions of both the app and the operating system of your device.

Run the application and register your phone number to start enjoying the best WhatsApp mod. What’s best about the latest WhatsApp Plus update are the extra features you won’t have in the official application.

That will certainly take your experience on the most well-known chat app to a much more interesting level.

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