How to download FM WhatsApp’s latest update?

FM WhatsApp is an alternative app to WhatsApp Messenger that offers advanced tools and an upgraded interface. It includes more customizing features, different themes, passwords to protect chats, and more privacy.

However, how to download FM WhatsApp is often a question among the public.

A very talented developer named ‘Fouad Mokdad’ is responsible for FM WhatsApp and the official website is known as “Fouad Mods”. Feel free to check it for more information.

In this post, you will learn everything about how to download FM WhatsApp.

Steps to download FM WhatsApp

Here there is a complete guide on how you can download FM WhatsApp:

  • First, delete your current WhatsApp Messenger application;
  • Now, download FM WhatsApp from here;
  • Before proceeding with the installation, remember that you have to enable the “Unkown Sources” option found in the Settings of your device;
  • Then find the APK storage folder and click on it;
  • The installation will be run automatically;
  • After installing, open the WhatsApp application, register your number and have it verified;
  • Set your profile;
  • You can go to the settings menu and explore all the features you wish to use;
  • At last, take time to enjoy all the tools offered by this WhatsApp mod.

Don’t forget to check if your device is up to date and affords the minimum storage space that is required for FM WhatsApp installation.

Why should I choose FM WhatsApp?

You may have already heard of many WhatsApp Mods, and might also have heard FM WhatsApp is one of the best ones. The reason is that it includes pretty interesting tools that we will shortly read about.

Moreover, it is fully ban-proof which allows you to use it without being banned from the platform for using a mod.

What’s new on the latest FM WhatsApp update?

To find out more about the new features on the most recent FM WhatsApp APK, check the list below:

  • Pin up to 100 chats;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Pleasant experience with the latest update;
  • New icons available for the app;
  • Bug when opening camera fixed;
  • New themes added;
  • More customizable tools.

As you know, our hopes regarding the anti-ban and bug fixing systems are higher at every update released.

In such wise, the new update performs indeed really great. On the latest FM WhatsApp APK, most of the bugs and errors are fixed.

  • The anti-ban system is more polished so you can enjoy FM WhatsApp resources without fearing being banned. This system is constantly bettering with every new update.  
  • On WhatsApp Messenger, you can pin up to only three chats while in FM’s latest update, 100 chats can be highlighted on your main screen.
  • The latest version of the APK also offers a more pleasant experience for users. You can enjoy its features better than earlier.


After reading this post you got to know FM WhatsApp, how to download it, and some of its resources. It is a mod undeniably full of benefits among privacy, customizing, and multimedia tools not found on WhatsApp Messenger.

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