How to use GB WhatsApp version 2022 and how it works

With the advancement of technology, new applications appear daily, some of them official, others that are more advanced replications of existing apps, as is the case of WhatsApp GB.

Unlike the original version of the famous instant chat application, GB differs in that it brings with it some more functionality, which serves users better.

Now, it is no wonder that it has been falling into popular taste and attracting more and more users.

If you don’t already have this application on your device, go here to download GB WhatsApp 2022 updated. After that, see the next topics on how to use this app and how it works. Check out!

How to use GB WhatsApp 2022 version?

Using GB WhatsApp is very similar to the official version of this application, where you use it to have conversations with your contacts saved in your cell phone list.

However, unlike WhatsApp, the GB version is not downloaded directly from the Play Store, you can find it in alternative sources on the internet like here on our website. In addition, it is currently only available for Android systems.

In addition, it is a great success because of its additional features that were not released in the official version of WhatsApp, such as the possibility of using two numbers at the same time, for example.

How does GBWhatsApp work?

Now that you know how to use this application, it is very important to understand how it works, knowing a little about the features it presents.


On the home screen you have access to chats. Just click on any contact to access the full conversation.

Now to start a conversation, you must click on the “+” button and choose which contact to start a conversation.

The conversation space interface is similar to the official version of WhatsApp, where you can send messages, emojis, documents, contacts, among others.


Status is a feature widely used by WhatsApp GB users and it is located in the second tab of the interface.

Thus, when accessing it you will have the option <em>My Status,</em> where you can record videos or even capture an image.

In addition, you will also see a list of all your contacts’ posts and a pencil icon in case you want to put a text message in your status.


Here you still have the space with all the calls made, including the video ones. On first access this space will be empty, but as you make calls it will be filled with these communications.

So, if you want to start a new call, just click on the phone button, which is located in the lower corner, then search for the contact and make the call.

GB WhatsApp Settings

Now is the time to get to know a little about how the GB WhatsApp settings work. It is located by clicking on the three dots and most of the additional features are in GBSettings

So, after accessing it, you’ll have several options for different applications of this app. See what some of them mean:

Themes – you have more than 4000 different themes to customize your WhatsApp;

Updates – in this section you check if there are new updates available;

Widget – here you can change the appearance of the pop-up window on your screen;

Add us – in this space you can include wallpapers and stickers;

Privacy and Security – you can choose how you want the double blue arrow and other details related to conversations and their privacy to appear.

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Now you know how to use GB WhatsApp and how it works, as mentioned, the features are more interesting than the official version, which makes it an excellent application for those looking for advanced tools that add even more value.

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