What is GB WhatsApp and what is it for

Do you want to know what is GB WhatsApp and what is it for? So, this is a very common question, since many people have only heard about this Mod and don’t know what it is actually about.

Therefore, it is important that you understand that it is a copy of the original version of WhatsApp, but it is more advanced, as it brings more current features.

In fact, this is why this application has become a fever and has been gaining more and more users.

So, see right now what is GB WhatsApp and what is it for. Check it out here!

But what is GBWhatsApp anyway?

GB WhatsApp consists of a MOD (modified version) of the original version of WhatsApp, so it was developed by a third party and has more features.

As you might imagine, as it is not the original, it is not available on the Play Store, so you need to download it from external internet sites.

In addition, in order for it to be activated on your device, it is very important that you enable the “unknown sources” option found in “settings” and then “applications”.

Discover some of the features of GB WhatsApp

Obviously this Mod is successful for a reason and that’s because of its features. Some of them are impressive, check them out below:

  • New differentiated emojis;
  • Possibility of sending 90 photos at the same time;
  • You can download other people’s status and add content to your own;
  • Support for over 100 languages;
  • Unique themes to use and customize your WhatsApp;
  • You can use two accounts at the same time;
  • Ability to remove the “typing” and “recording”;
  • Uploading files up to 100 MB:
  • 7-minute status videos;
  • Automatic replies;
  • Hide the name as well as the date when copying one or more messages.

What is WhatsApp GB for?

If you want to know what GB WhatsApp is for, know that it has the same functionality as the original WhatsApp, being used for instant messaging.

Thus, the only difference between it and the official version is in terms of resources, as GB has more customizable features and you can better control your application.

In addition, GB WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store, as previously mentioned.

In addition, it has the same use as the original WhatsApp, being just a more turbocharged version, since it is full of features capable of completely customizing your app.

It’s safe?

You already know what WhatsApp GB is and what it’s for, don’t you? So, it is still important to understand if this Mod is safe.

Broadly speaking, according to the developers, this APK is completely safe, since it doesn’t come with viruses and any type of malware that will damage your device.

In addition, the creators guarantee that they use the same security system and encrypted servers as the original version.

However, for you to be sure of this, the ideal is to download GB WhatsApp from a safe source like here on our website, for that access our home page. With this, you guarantee that your app has all the privacy possible and you don’t run the risk of having your account blocked.

Do you have doubts if this version is safe? Then access this article here: GB WhatsApp is safe.


What is WhatsApp GB and what is it for are points you already know. As you may have noticed, it is a great tool for exchanging messages, as it has advanced features.

So, if you liked learning about this app, just download it from our website and start using it. Without a doubt, you will love the features it provides.

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