GB WhatsApp iPhone iOS 2022 (Official Latest Version)

GB WhatsApp iPhone Download

GB WhatsApp for iPhone iOS is one of the searches that users of the Apple system do on the internet in an attempt to find the Mod App that is closest to GB WhatsApp for Android.

As you know, users are very interested in the modified WhatsApp application because of its extra features and functions.

The truth is that GB WhatsApp was developed and thought of on the android system, as it has an extra facility in creating and changing applications, unlike apps developed for iOS, which have a more complex architecture.

But let’s know a little more about one of the best GB WhatsApp alternatives for iPhone iOS currently available for iOS system.

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What is the best GB WhatsApp Mod App for iPhone iOS currently?

Now let’s know which is the best Mod App that iPhone iOS users are using and which is closest to the functions of GB WhatsApp made for Android.

WhatsApp++ iPhone

WhatsApp++ iPhone iOS is an app that brings superior features to the official WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone iOS, in some cases it even performs better in terms of speed.

With a differentiated list of new options, the app has been gaining more and more users of the iOS system and the numbers of new fans keep growing.

Now let’s see the features that allow this app to conquer more and more fans daily.

GB WhatsApp iOS 2022
GB WhatsApp for iPhone Latest Version

Whatsapp++ iPhone and its Main Features

With WhatsApp++ for iPhone iOS you will be able to:

  • Completely customize the application’s interface, installing new themes that allow you to choose different colors, such as pink, green, blue, yellow, red, among others;
  • Allows you to hide your “last seen”;
  • Hide your online status;
  • You can add a profile photo of a larger size, without having to crop it, as the original app requires;
  • Send unlimited number of media files such as photos, videos, audios, etc;
  • You can record audio by clicking on your device’s microphone, without having to click on the cell phone screen;
  • Now you can share music on the device itself;
  • Option to lock the app with Touch ID or user-created lock code;
  • Installing and using this app does not require you to jailbreak.
GB WhatsApp iPhone iOS Download

Requirements and Good Usage Practices

Installing this app requires you to uninstall the original WhatsApp Messenger app, so make a backup first and then yes, uninstall the original app.

After that, install WhatsApp++ for iPhone and follow the steps below.

How to Install GB WhatsApp on iPhone

  1. With the original application still installed, make a backup of your messages;
  2. Now uninstall WhatsApp Messenger;
  3. Download the .IPA file on your computer;
  4. Download and Install Cydia Impactor program and connect your iPhone to computer;
  5. Open the app through that program and then enter your Apple ID and password to sign the APP;
  6. Wait while the program installs the application on your iPhone;
  7. Once installed, go to Settings>General>Profiles and then New Whatsapp Profile, now click Trust this Developer;
  8. Okay, now you can open your messaging app and chat normally with your friends, but with all the customization and handling options more.

Application Prints

GB WhatsApp iPhone iOS
GB WhatsApp iOS 2022

Update GB WhatsApp iPhone iOS

Below you will find the most current version of the app similar to GB WhatsApp available for iOS, as soon as there is an update just install the new version directly (over the top).

Download GB WhatsApp iPhone iOS Latest Version 2022

Information and Download

ApplicationWhatsApp++ iPhone
Size114 MB
Last update3 months ago
Download APKDownload GB WhatsApp for iPhone .IPA
GB WhatsApp iPhone Download

Important: This version of WhatsApp Modified for iPhone iOS has not been updated for some time, its functionalities are still working, however the app may present instabilities because of this.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to install GB WhatsApp on iPhone?

Yes, however, the name is not GB WhatsApp, but WhatsApp++ or Watusi, both iOS mod apps that are some of the closest to the GB version for android.

How to download WhatsApp iOS?

The official WhatsApp for iOS can be found here, however, if you want the modified version, click here.

Is there even GB WhatsApp for iPhone iOS?

As we explained above, there is, however, not exactly GB WhatsApp, but WhatsApp++ and Watusi.