GB WhatsApp PRO APK Download v16.20 Updated 2022 | Download GBWhatsApp PRO v16.20

GB WhatsApp PRO Updated 2022 is a modified version of WhatsApp Messenger (original). There we can count on several optimized functions, in addition to the functions found in the original WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp PRO 2022 still has functions not found in its simple version, such as sending automatic replies and sharing the location in real time, ideal for those working  with several people at the same time.

The modified versions of these applications continue to gain many users, as many are switching from WhatsApp Messenger to the cracked version.

That’s because the pirated version has functions that better meet the needs of users, mainly because it has the ability to read messages that have been deleted, something much sought after by WhatsApp Messenger users.

In the next topic you will see the features found in this version of the app! So you can decide which version best suits your needs.

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GB WhatsApp PRO v16.20 features

By using GB WhatsApp PRO, we can find different functions, which better meet the needs of users. You will find some of them below:

  • Send automated responses;
  • Hide conversations you don’t want curious friends to see;
  • Super cool Voice Changer to scare friends with different voices;
  • Read messages that have been deleted;
  • Have more than one account on the same device;
  • Activate do not disturb mode (flight mode) without having to turn off internet on your device;
  • Delete conversations using the message filter;
  • Enable different passwords for each conversation;
  • Choose the font used in the application;
  • Upload 100 photos at once;
  • Upload videos with over 2 GB;
  • Send 100 MB audio files;
  • Send high resolution images;
  • Use themes and emojis;
  • Anti-revoke feature (keeps deleted messages available by saving them on the device);
  • Geolocation;
  • Select who can add you to a group;
  • Select who may call you;
  • Select who may add you to groups;
  • Select specific contacts to enable seeing their status;
  • Receive notification when a user is online.

Among several other functions that we can find in using the app.

Where does GBWhatsApp PRO v16.00 come from

Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, which history is known, we don’t know for sure where GBWhatsApp PRO came from, all we know is that there are devs from all over the world working on that.


WhatsApp GB Pro has its name inverted or written in several ways, however, all that involves the nomenclature “PRO” refers to it, namely:

  • GB WhatsApp PRO v16.20
  • WhatsApp GB PRO v16.20
  • GBWhatsApp PRO v16.20
  • WhatsApp PRO

Whoever googles “Download WhatsApp GB PRO”, “Download GBWhatsApp PRO” or “Download GB WhatsApp PRO Alex Mods”, has the same goal.

HeyMods version is only referred to by:

  • WhatsApp GB
  • GBWhatsApp
  • GB WhatsApp

These are the 3 main ways to search the main app.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger was developed in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the US.

The app was created with the idea of being an alternative for exchanging messages via SMS. By that time, users had to pay a kind of not very expensive subscription to use the app.

In 2014, the platform was purchased by Facebook, where it became a free service. Since then the app is more and more beloved, until it became the most famous and used messaging platform nowadays.

Over the years, WhatsApp Messenger continues to invest in updates and improves more and more. However, many users still prefer the modified versions, as,  in addition to having the same versions of the original WhatsApp, there are several other new functions, available only in this platform version.

In the original WhatsApp, we can find several services, such as sending real-time location, audio and video calls, sending and receiving various files and documents, among other functions.

WhatsApp Messenger’s mission was to enable people from different countries to connect. A huge success.

A user just needs a SIM Card and a good connection to the web as to start conversations from anywhere in the world, at no cost and with great quality.

Today, WhatsApp serves about 1 billion users in around 180 countries. According to the company, around 55 billion messages, 4 billion and 500 thousand photos and 1 billion videos are sent daily through the platform.

The company recently developed WhatsApp Business, which is the exclusive messaging platform for enterprises. This second platform has exclusive resources to optimize services.

When a user decides to start using WhatsApp GB, it is necessary to be aware that the account might be banned at some point, since the official WhatsApp company uses this method as punishment, being able to force the user to use the original version, banishing the cracked platform user forever.

This  because, modified versions of WhatsApp work based on the same source code.

The download of this application is not available on the Play Store, so it can only be found on third-party sites, which may allow different types of viruses to invade your device.

Therefore, we recommend you make use of a good antivirus application, and virus scan right after installing the application. Bearing in mind that even if your counterpart does not use the modified version of WhatsApp, it is possible to establish a conversation.

Users of modified versions of the application need to be constantly careful so their account is not banned.

However, some updated versions offer anti-ban features! We strongly suggest you keep your GBWhatsApp PRO always up to date.

Is there GB WhatsApp PRO for iOS?

WhatsApp GB PRO was developed exclusively for Android, therefore, one cannot install the application on an iPhone. But there is a modified version of WhatsApp available for iPhone, which is WhatsApp++.

This version does not offerall the features found in GB WhatsApp PRO, of course, but it is still better than the original WhatsApp and obviously, as its updates are carried out, you will be able to enjoy more features.

Is GB WhatsApp PRO v16.20 secure?

We cannot say that this is a 100% ssafe platform, for 2 reasons:

This application uses the same source code as WhatsApp Messenger, which, even with the end-to-end encryption feature, which aims to ensure that conversations between users are just between themselves, has been criticized for leaking user information.

Last but not least, due to the fact that mod app has its code modified, if you download a version from an insecure source, it could compromise your privacy.

Differences from GB WhatsApp PRO to WhatsApp Messenger

The biggest difference between them is that GB is basically the optimized copy of WhatsApp Messenger, with improvements. This version has been preferred by users, due to the advantages found in its resources.

WhatsApp Messenger, on the other hand, is more primitive, being mostly used for exchanging messages.

Are GBWhatsApp PRO and YOWhatsApp the same thing?

Both are modified versions of WhatsApp Messenger and have similar functions. however, there are some differences – such as its developers – some specific functions, among other things.

WhatsApp GB PRO is the most famous and used version by users. YoWhatsApp ranks second in this list.

Where does WhatsApp Messenger come from?

WhatsApp emerged in the United States, created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Which one to use

If you are looking for a more complete WhatsApp, with exclusive features, go for GB WhatsApp PRO.

But if you are looking for an application to be used merely to exchange messages, take the original version. It is safer.

How to Download GB WhatsApp PRO Updated 2022

Downloading this version is easy, however, installing it requires a little more work, since you first need to make a change to your application’s settings.

To ensure a better experience and not put the user at risk of damaging the device with a virus, we provide a safe and updated link for download.

To download, click on this link and, in the new tab, click the “Download” button.

Then wait until the download is complete and proceed to the installation step.

How to install GBWhatsApp PRO 2022

There are 3 ways of installing this application, however, before starting this step, you need to make a change to your device settings (in case this is your first installation of an APK file).

This step is necessary, as this type of file is not scanned by Google, many times it is responsible for bringing different types of viruses to the devices.

Therefore, the device can be said to “block” the installation of the app, when the setting that allows installation from unknown sources is disabled.

Therefore, whenever you want to install a file that is. Not provided by the official vendor, you must make sure that this setting is activated. Here are two ways to make this step:

By your device settings

  1. Click on the configuration button that represents your device settings;
  2. Go to “Security Settings or just “Security”;
  3. Select the “Allow installation from unknown sources” option and enable it.

Enabling downloads from unsafe sources

  1. Access Chrome from your device;
  2. Click on the 3 dots located up on the right side of your screen;
  3. Go to “Settings”;
  4. Select the “Security Confirmation” option;
  5. Go to “Security” and click on “No protection”.

After this step is complete, you can start installing the application without interruption. See below 3 different ways to install this app.

Through the notification bar

Note that while the download is being carried out, a brief notification will appear, followed by an up/down arrow, indicating that the application is being downloaded.

Once this download is complete, you see the message “Download completed” and a verification symbol will be present. Click on this notification, so that the install screen opens, and click on the “Install” option.

This is the easiest way to install this file. But if you accidentally close this notification, there are 2 more ways to install the app, as shown in the next topics.

Via Google Chrome

  1. Access Google Chrome on your device;
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right side up on your screen;
  3. Go to “Downloads”;
  4.  Inside the folder, find the WhatsApp GB PRO link;
  5. Click and allow the installation by clicking on the “Install” option on the screen that will open.

 Via explorer or task manager

  1. Access the application in charge of organizing all your files and documents;
  2. Go to the “Downloads” folder;
  3. Search for the application link and allow its installation.

How to use the App

To use WhatsApp GB PRO, you just need a SIM card and a good internet connection. To start using this platform, simply register with WhatsApp GB PRO, in the same way as with WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Open the application;
  • Enter your phone number in the provided field;
  • The app sends you a code;
  • Enter the code in the specific field;
  • The app will open.

If you need to do a backup, save the pirated version of WhatsApp on your device and not on Google Drive.

Only then will WhatsApp GB be able to install the app, as it does not have support for accessing Google Drive.

Then, when the app shows the backup option on the screen, click on the restore messages button and wait.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp GB PRO on iPhone?

It is not possible to download WhatsApp GB PRO on iPhone. This version is available for Android only.

Is it possible to have 3 accounts on the same phone?

It may seem absurd, but yes, it is possible to have one more WhatsApp account on your device! There are several applications that provide this feature, however, it is also possible to perform this action using WhatsApp Business.

I hope you enjoyed this article about GB WhatsApp PRO v16.20 and make good use of the app!

Download GB WhatsApp PRO APK 2022 Updated

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is GBWhatsApp PRO?

It is an app modified from WhatsApp with many extra functions that go beyond what WhatsApp Messenger offers. The same is developed and updated by Alex Mods.

What is the latest version of GB WhatsApp PRO?

Currently the app is in version v16.20

How to download GB WhatsApp PRO?

Just click the “Download WhatsApp GB PRO” button at the beginning of this article or just click here.

What is the best GB WhatsApp?

There are currently two main versions of WhatsApp GB: HeyMods and AlexMods version.

We recently noticed that the HeyMods version started showing ads, because of that, we recommend the Alex Mods version, which remains free of those.