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JTWhatsApp Download

More and more modified applications are taking their space and consolidating themselves in the taste of some users, this is the case of WhatsApp+ JiMods (JTWhatsApp) which is already in version 9.30 under the care of JimTechs.

The JTWhatsApp version is one of the most downloaded mods on the internet, second only to versions like WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Aero.

The functionality aspect, in a way, presents options similar to those of the main mods of the moment and even has a slight competition for the top 5 of the main mods.

Let’s know exactly the definition of this application below and know some other relevant information about it.

Once you know what the app can do, you can also download it at the end of this article or the button above if you’re in a hurry.

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What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is a mod application produced based on the official WhatsApp code, more precisely one of the abandoned bases of the official app.

It brings with it modifications that allow access to expanded functions compared to the original application and this is the reason why users look for JTWhatsApp, in other words, they want to have more options.

A group of developers called JimTechs is responsible for this modified version of WhatsApp that we are talking about today.

Let’s learn more about this version and its features below.

JT WhatsApp 2022
Download here at GBWhats.club

What is the best WhatsApp Mod?

This is a question that only users of the main versions can answer, as it depends on many tests and there are many chat applications, however, the ones that are most in the mouth of the crowd are the names:

Main Features of JTWhatsApp Updated 2022

By downloading the updated JTWhatsApp 2022 by JiMods you will have the following possibilities available:

  1. Using this version you are free from being banned (anti ban);
  2. Base (latest);
  3. You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device;
  4. Voice changer, which was first born in GB WhatsApp PRO;
  5. Change icon color, font size, font style;
  6. Change the app’s full theme to several pre-selected ones available;
  7. No ads;
  8. 1-click music sharing option;
  9. You can upload videos that were previously limited to 16 MB, now you can upload 30 MB videos;
  10. Now you can upload up to 90 photos at once;
  11. Zoom in on your friends’ profile picture;
  12. Support for new animated stickers;
  13. Can view contacts status while talking to them;
  14. Statistics counter for Groups;
  15. You may hide your visa last, but you can see others’;
  16. Quality of photos is maintained when sent to status;
  17. Characters in the status field increased from 139 to 250;
  18. Now you can send more file formats through JT Whatsapp: ZIP, PPTX, DOCX, RTF, XLSX, DOC, TXT, VCARD, PPT, PDF and XLS.
  19. Among other options that will come in the next updates.
JTWhatsApp Download

How to download and install JTWhatsApp New Version 2022

As it is a Mod application, it is not found on the Play Store, however you can download it right here at GBWhats.club through a secure link at the end of this article.

The steps for safe installation are:

  • Backup your conversations on the original WhatsApp or whatever version of WhatsApp you are using;
  • After that, uninstall the original application or the one you were using;
  • Download the .APK file and start the installation process;
  • Enter your phone number and the verification code that will be requested;
  • Select the backup option you made and just run to the hug.

Minimum requirements

  • Android 4.0.3 or higher;
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” option for installing .APK apps
  • Enable all the same permissions given to normal WhatsApp;

JTWhatsApp for iPhone iOS

If you are looking for a version of JTWhatsApp for iPhone iOS, take a look at this article.

The app that has recurring updates is the android version, unfortunately the iPhone version doesn’t have the same demand.

[Download WhatsApp JT Updated for iPhone]

APP Screenshots

JTWhatsApp download 2022
JT WhatsApp app new version

How to Download and Install JTWhatsApp 2022

You can download the updated APK in the latest version at the end of this article, just click on the last download option, we update WhatsApp Mods versions almost instantly.

How to Update JT WhatsApp APP 2022

The update process is simple, just download the latest version and perform the installation normally, you will find the updated version below.

Before that, we recommend that you make a backup for safety before installing the newly released version of the app.

What is the latest version of JT WhatsApp mod?

Recently JiMods released a new update for the app, which fixed various types of bugs and implemented some new functions.

JTWhatsApp Database Versions

There are 3 versions of the JTWA database available, so you, WhatsApp Mods user, must already be used to a specific type of database.

Just choose the version you prefer and use your mod normally, namely the versions are:

  1. com.jtwhatsapp (the one we usually recommend)
  2. com.gbwhatsapp
  3. com.whatsapp

Using the same version provides compatibility for app updates and sometimes helps with accepting a new modified WhatsApp that you might want to test.

About database migration

We have identified that some mods are not compatible with reading folders of other mods, so we recommend that you always choose a WhatsApp mod and keep using it.

The conflict we identified was when a user tried to migrate the database from WhatsApp GB Pro to use in WhatsApp GB by Sam Mods.

We searched and didn’t find the answer as to why the incompatibility so far.

WhatsApp+ JiMODs v9.30 Jimtechs Editions

Developer JiMods is among the WhatsApp Modders who keep regular updates on their JTWhatsApp New Version 2022.

The app has the same functions as the original GB WhatsApp, which means that it is one of the excellent options to consider if you are thinking of using a WhatsApp mod.

Download JTWhatsApp 2022 New Version(APP)

ApplicationJT WhatsApp App
Size50.24 MB
Last update2 hours ago
Download APKDownload JTWhatsApp v9.30 (com.jtwhatsapp)
Download APKDownload JT WhatsApp v9.30 (com.gbwhatsapp)
Download APKDownload JT WhatsApp v9.30 (com.whatsapp)

App checked and updated on June 27, 2022

JTWhatsApp Download

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of JTWhatsApp?

Currently the app is in version 9.30.

How to update JTWhatsApp?

To update your app you just need to download the latest version and install over the old version.
To be on the safe side, back it up first.

How to use WhatsApp JT?

You use the application the same way you use your normal WhatsApp, the difference is the extra options that you decide whether or not to activate in the menu.

Is JTWhatsApp safe?

We always recommend using WhatsApp Mods on secondary or tertiary numbers and not on your primary number.
The explanation is very simple, sometimes the backup process on these mod platforms fails, which will cause loss of data, conversations, files, are you willing to take the risk?