Download OG WhatsApp APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

OG WhatsApp Download

Here at you will find the most famous WhatsApp Messenger Mods with the best existing functions, such as OG WhatsApp which has amazing features.

Our website provides files for download that are completely safe and free of viruses. Download your file easily and directly on your mobile device.

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OG WhatsApp a brief description of the application

The OG WhatsApp application is a Mod that was developed by AlexMods similarly to the standard WhatsApp Messenger, in which it has incredible functions and customization options and among other things that the standard version cannot offer its users.

A Mod means an application modified from the original version where it was created, but the main intention of developing a Mod is to include more features, options, functions and among other things.

So a modified application is an improved version, with more features included with the simple purpose of offering more possibilities to those who use it.

Download OG WhatsApp APK 2022
Download OG WhatsApp APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

What is the difference between the OG WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Messenger?

The two apps, OG WhatsApp and standard WhatsApp Messenger, have the same purpose for use, which is to communicate through text messages, video calls, sending photos and also videos, but what differs from each other is their functionalities.

The interface customization options and better privacy control are the big differences between them, as we know the limitations that the official application has.

OG WhatsApp offers a tray full of options for those who like to customize their app, and also for those who want to have more privacy control and be more discreet while using the app, these are the big differences between the apps.

Is OGWhatsApp the same as other WhatsApp Mods?

Currently there are a wide variety of WhatsApp Mods for the Android system and also for the iOS system.

Some are from different developers, as well as OG WhatsApp was developed by AlexMods, there is also GBWhatsApp developed by AlexMods and another version created by HeyMods.

We also have WhatsApp FM, WhatsApp Plus, JTWhatsApp and others, but most of them have the same features in terms of personalization and privacy security.

But each Mod application has support for constant updates offered by its developer, this makes some Mods different from others, because with this update support, users will be able to use the app without any problems.

But we can say that the OG WhatsApp application can also offer the same features that the most famous ones have.

Download OG WhatsApp Updated

Functions and features of the OG WhatsApp application

The OG WhatsApp application offers the best features and functionality for those who like to have full control over their app and it also provides very attractive options in customization and privacy control.

Everything that a user of the standard version would like to have, you can find when you download OG WhatsApp. It has advantages and several possibilities to control the app for you who don’t like to appear when you’re online.

Note some options that the application offers to its users:

  • It offers extensive customization of its interface;
  • Support to have up to two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile device;
  • Several styles of themes available for you to customize your app at will;
  • You can write more characters in your status;
  • Notifications can be hidden if you prefer;
  • Send images, audios and videos in larger size;
  • Block any conversation with a password;
  • You can upload various styles of file formats;
  • Hide 100% online status;
  • You can change the app’s fonts;
  • Option of self-destructive messages;
  • Option to fully customize the appearance and color of the app;
  • Sending bulk messages to contacts (be careful with this option);
  • Sending a message to out-of-book contacts;
  • Send images and videos without losing quality;
  • Several other extra functions.

Why is the OG WhatsApp app not on the Google Play Store?

Because it is a modified version of the official app, OG WhatsApp will not be found for download in the Google Play Store.

The privacy policies that are imposed by the Google Play Store are quite serious, so it would not allow hosting a Mod application with new features and several other improved options that the official app does not have.

So if you want to download the OG WhatsApp file, it will be through websites that have the file available for download, as here at GBMods.

Does the ban still exist in the modified apps?

This is a question asked by almost every user who uses Mods or who intends to migrate to them.

The ban is caused by several factors in different styles of apps, such as gaming and communications, which is the case with WhatsApp Mods.

Modified game apps are extremely dangerous, because all of a sudden you lose your account forever, this is because they give you options that make you cheat the game and get items that would be paid for, which is very different in WhatsApp Mods.

Let’s cite an example:

OG WhatsApp doesn’t make you break rules to get paid items or anything like that, the Mod offers you advanced features that the official version doesn’t have, it just adds more options in customization and privacy control.

Even so, the use of modified applications is still dangerous, but we can give you some tips to avoid having problems with this – keep following.

Download OG WhatsApp 2022

How to use OG WhatsApp without risking being banned from the app?

We are going to give you some instructions for you to avoid the problem that most haunts users of modified WhatsApp applications which is user banning, which would be the case with OGWhatsApp and among other Mods.

  1. The most important thing is to keep the app always up to date with the latest available version installed on your mobile device, this will avoid the ban caused by the app.
  2. The next tip that also helps against banning is that you don’t exaggerate the features and privacy control options offered by the app, this will avoid being a suspicious attitude

These are the main and most important things you should do to avoid getting banned from OG WhatsApp or any other Mod you are or want to use.

What are the main requirements to be able to install the OG WhatsApp application?

The requirements needed to be able to install the OG WhatsApp application on your Android device are:

  • Your Android device’s operating system must be at least 4.0.3 or above for the file to be compatible with your device.
  • The user must activate the option of unknown sources on their device to complete the installation of the application.
  • We recommend reasonable storage and ram memory for better application performance, so you get a stutter-free experience.

Where can I download OG WhatsApp for my device?

If you enjoyed the application and want to download OG WhatsApp to your mobile device, here at GBMods you can download the file completely free of charge and in a safe way directly on your device.

We provide a link for you to download it safely and virus-free.

How do I correctly install the OG WhatsApp application?

It’s a simple and fast method, anyone can do it. First you need to have the OGWhatsApp application downloaded on your mobile device, now follow the instructions below to do the process.

  • First of all you need to enable the unknown sources option on your device, the option is located in your device’s security settings.
  • Remembering that activation is required to complete the installation of the application on your device.
  • Now you will search for the OGWhatsApp application downloaded on your device.

Note: This following process is done after you have uninstalled the official version of WhatsApp messenger from your Android device. Keep following for more details.

How can I add animated stickers in the OG WhatsApp app?

For you to add any stickers in the OGWhatsApp application, it is the same process that you do to add them in the standard WhatsApp Messenger, despite being a Mod application, some processes are still the same as in the standard version:

  1. First you need to download a sticker pack or creation, it can be any type of sticker app from the Google Play Store, and just install it on your Android device.
  2. Now once downloaded, open the sticker pack app that you downloaded on your device and choose which stickers you want to add to your OG WhatsApp.
  3. After having done the previous process, now go to your OGWhatsApp application and now click on the emoji icon then go to stickers and all the stickers you saved are there ready to use.
  4. Ready, a simple and quick process to do.

Download OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2022

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OG WhatsApp PRO by Alex Mods

ApplicationOG WhatsApp
Size56.40 MB
Last update1 Month ago
Download APKDownload OGWhatsApp PRO v16.20
Download OG WhatsApp PRO

OG WhatsApp

ApplicationOG WhatsApp
Size50 MB
Last update48 hours ago
Download APKDownload OG WhatsApp v20.20.0
Download OG WhatsApp APK

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is an application modified from a base of WhatsApp Messenger. Because of these modifications, OG has many extra options.

How to update OGWhatsApp?

To update the application just click here and download the latest version, as usual.

How to download OG WhatsApp?

Just click on the green button at the beginning of the article or click here and you will be redirected.