Pink WhatsApp Download APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

Pink WhatsApp Download

Want to download pink WhatsApp? Well, know that it is a variation of the GB WhatsApp application with a specific theme for lovers of the color pink or anyone who wants to give their GB WhatsApp a different touch.

It has privacy options and some functions that we see in normal versions of GB WhatsApp.

You can also download other mod apps like NE WhatsApp which has pink focus. Even Mods like MB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Aero can be configured with whatever color the user wants.

The option that we offer with GB WhatsApp is to download a pink theme and customize the rest according to what you want.

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What to Expect When Downloading Pink WhatsApp 2022

All people who have the desire to download Pink WhatsApp need to be aware that they use a WhatsApp mod, which means that it is an alternative application.

As an alternative app, it is possible that at some point it will fail and there is no way to guarantee 100% that the backups made will be saved in their entirety.

Some users have reported data loss when using WhatsApp Mods, so we always recommend using mod versions only in secondary numbers, never the main one.

By doing this, you reduce the risk of the app crashing or even losing important conversations and files that you may have received.

WhatsApp Mods, like the updated Pink WhatsApp, are unofficial apps that have alternative functions and programming that are not approved by WhatsApp or supervised.

In addition to being unapproved, the official app team always seeks to get users of modified apps to return to the official platform.

As already stated in the official GB WhatsApp post, in 2019 GB Whats users received notices of a possible temporary ban on their mod apps, with a message in red telling them to use WhatsApp Messenger.

Pink WhatsApp
Pink WhatsApp Latest Version

Functions of Pink WhatsApp 2022

Pink WhatsApp brings basic functions such as:

  • Sending files of larger size;
  • Messages now come with a self-destruct option in both chats and groups;
  • Chat style same as Messenger, bubble format (facebook);
  • Sending status with time over 5 minutes;
  • Upload more than 100 photos at a time;
  • Schedule messages to be sent automatically;
  • Send message to other WhatsApp numbers without having to save in the phonebook;
  • Option to be 100% hidden;
  • WhatsApp 100% Immune to Crashes (as long as you install a WhatsApp Immune together);
  • Creation and choice of the most varied types of themes with a focus on pink;
  • Copy Friends Status with 1 click;
  • Download anyone’s status with 1 click;
  • Notice of online contacts;
  • Contacts status message displayed dynamically;
  • Hide conversations and password protect;
  • New option to protect conversations with biometric password;
  • Option to download friends status videos and photos;
  • Privacy control with the options you also see in the other mod versions of WhatsApp;
  • If the app is in the updated version, it will have anti-ban protection;
  • Hide your message view with the two blue ticks;
  • It doesn’t show that you’ve seen someone’s Status;
  • Hide “recording audio”…
  • Hides the “Typing…”
  • Do not disturb mode;
  • Night mode;
  • Transparent Themes;
  • Message programming;
  • Sending a message to a person outside the agenda, just enter the number with area code and send the message;
  • New types of Emojis added continuously;
  • New types of Stickers available;
  • Admin role can delete any message in groups;
  • Self-destructive messages;
  • Self-destructive messages in groups too;
  • Photo that can be seen only once;
  • Among other options that will soon be available.
Pink WhatsApp Download

Illustrative Image of the App with Pink Theme

what is pink whatsapp
Pink WhatsApp 2022 | Latest Version

In case you don’t want to download predefined themes with pink color, you have the option to create your own theme.

Inside the app go to GB Settings and then Theme Editor, there you can create your theme by setting each parameter and color for any specific area of WhatsApp Mod.

The pink themes are very beautiful and ideal for girls or boys who like this color, the look is totally personalized.

How to Download Pink WhatsApp Updated

To download the application just click on “Pink WhatsApp Download APK” at the beginning of the article, choose the theme based on the users’ opinion (by carrying out a survey) or by trial and error until you find what you like.

If you don’t know how to switch from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, check this article.

Is there Pink WhatsApp for iPhone iOS?

If you have an iPhone, you can find a similar version by accessing our article on Pink WhatsApp for iPhone iOS.

How to install WhatsApp Pink Updated

The application installation procedure is the same for the other mod applications, you must:

  1. Make a backup of the conversations on your normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Mod;
  2. Now you need to download Pink WhatsApp Updated 2022 at the end or beginning of this article;
  3. Uninstall the original WhatsApp or another version you are using (unless you have two SIM cards, then you can use two different WhatsApp versions, one on the main number, one on the secondary);
  4. Perform the installation normally on the number you want;
  5. Perform the usual basic configuration;
  6. Ready.

How to update Pink WhatsApp 2022

When downloading Pink WhatsApp 2022 you have come across an update message, don’t worry, the process is simple, just install the new version of GB WhatsApp normally or NEWhatsApp.

Just remembering that the ideal is for you to perform the backup procedure correctly so that there is no data loss.

Now the backup procedure has three new saving possibilities:

  • DropBox
  • Mega
  • And now also on Google Drive

Therefore, you no longer need to save your backups in the device’s internal memory.

Important Notice about Recovery from Backups

In certain tests we did, the backup recovery process failed on a few attempts.

This happens because there are differences in the bases of WhatsApp, for example, WhatsApp Messenger uses the base com.whatsapp, whereas GB uses the com.gbwhatsapp.

When migrating from normal WhatsApp to the original GB or from GBWhatsApp to the standard Messenger without losing stickers and other emojis, just rename the application’s media folders to the nomenclature of the app you are going to use (we’ll explain more in another article).

Just to advance something, let’s say that when you download FM WhatsApp Rosa you want to migrate to Pink WhatsApp at a later time, if you try to migrate the database, GB may not be able to read the FM database.

Some WhatsApp Mods use other base nomenclatures or simply do not accept to read data from other mods, which can make the backup recovery process unfeasible in some cases.

Even experienced WhatsApp Mods users can lose their data when trying to migrate from one mod to another.

Pink WhatsApp Download APK 2022

Watch this video and get to know the App better

About Usage of the App and its Version

We have to remind you that downloading Pink WhatsApp in its latest version allows the app to work in its entirety.

If your application has an error or some functionality is not operating according to the GBWhatsApp standard, visit our website and search for a probable new version.

The application, when updated to its latest version, presents stability in the use of all its functions, except when there was a permission error on the part of the user when installing the app incorrectly.

Always use the latest version of Pink GB WhatsApp.

HeyMods Team

Know that when you download Pink WhatsApp from, you are downloading the mod produced by HeyMods Team, one of the main modification teams in the world.

The truth is that there are many developers around the world, but only a few manage to keep up with updates, the main and most important factor of WhatsApp mods.

Therefore, we recommend not downloading from unknown sources or from developers who have not proven themselves over time, but only from devs already recognized for their work.

Sam Mods Team

Another excellent WhatsApp Modders team is Sam Mods, their official website is, where you can find all the main updates of new WhatsApp mods.

Whenever the developer makes a new version of the mod available, we at are notified and we also publish the updated APK ready for download.

Remembering that all APKs available here on the site undergo a double check for viruses and malware.

We only recommend that you always download the same WhatsApp mod from the developer you already trust and avoid testing mods that are not very well known in the world.

Stay tuned and enjoy your app with caution and never abuse its modified options as you could still get banned by Meta.

➤ Download Pink WhatsApp APK 2022 Latest Version

Below you’ll find the main information you need to download the APK with full knowledge of what you’re going to install on your smartphone.

Enjoy your app and use it sparingly.

ApplicationPink WhatsApp
Size56 MB
Last update7 days ago
Download APKDownload Pink WhatsApp APK 2022
App Version Checked and Updated on July 2, 2022

Pink WhatsApp Download APK

Note: To activate one of the best pink themes on GBWhatsApp by HeyMods, search for the theme “HelloKitty_Fouad”

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Pink WhatsApp?

After downloading and install Pink GB WhatsApp, just go to the app menu and select Themes, there you will find many pink themes.

Is Pink WhatsApp APK safe?

We can never claim that a WhatsApp mod is 100% safe, however, over time and user feedback, there has never been any data leakage or anything like the Pink version of HeyMods or Sam Mods.

How do I make Pink WhatsApp?

To make your Pink WhatsApp, you can install a specific theme in GBSettings > Themes or customize each GB item with the color you want in GBSettings > Chats Screen > More options and edit as you like.

What is the latest version of Pink WhatsApp?

The latest version is v21.10.0 and v13.20 from the devs, HeyMods and SamMods respectively.

Do you have Pink WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger does not allow you to change the color of the application, only the default green color, however, using a WhatsApp Mod you can change it to any color you want.

How do you put WhatsApp Pink?

First you must download WhatsApp Mod of your choice, we recommend WhatsApp GB PRO.
After downloading the APK, make a backup of your official WhatsApp and then uninstall it, now install WhatsApp GB PRO, recover your chats and then change the app color to pink in GBSettings > Themes.