Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

Download WhatsApp Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus here at, one of the best mod applications developed from a base of WhatsApp Messenger for your Android system device containing the best functions and options you could ever want.

Download the Plus version from a safe and fast source so you can enjoy this amazing messaging app as soon as possible and enjoy all its power.

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WhatsApp Plus: what is it?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified application similar to the standard WhatsApp messenger, but this modification includes a series of features and options that the official app does not offer.

We know that the standard WhatsApp messenger application has some limits in its functionality compared to modified apps, anyone who has heard of a WhatsApp Mod or has a friend who uses a modified application knows that the options that Mods offer are superior to the official one.

But if you don’t know this Modified WhatsApp Plus app for Android system, keep following to know more details.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2022
Whats Plus Latest Version for Download

Is WhatsApp Plus the same as WhatsApp Messenger?

It is a similar application. Once the Mod was developed from the official WhatsApp messenger, so we can say it is practically the same application of messages, but with some much more different details.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus and Official WhatsApp?

Despite being very similar, messaging apps have a big difference between them, such as different developers and their options, features and functionality.

WhatsApp Plus breaks the limits of standard WhatsApp, offering many more advantages and customization possibilities in its app, which would be something interesting for users.

We know that there are many users who are unhappy with the limitations of the default messaging app and want more functions so they can customize as they wish.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus and Official WhatsApp?

Despite being very similar, messaging apps have a big difference between them, which are different developers and in terms of options, features and functionality.

WhatsApp Plus breaks the limits of standard WhatsApp offering many more advantages and customization possibilities in its app, which would be something interesting for users.

We know that there are many users who are unhappy with the limitations of the default messaging app and want more functions so that you can customize as they wish.

What is the advantage of downloading WhatsApp Plus?

If you like to have more control over the application you use, when you download WhatsApp Plus you’ll have several options that put you under full control of the app.

The application interface is fully customizable, has greater control over your privacy and among many other options, things that the standard application does not offer.

The advantage of having this modified app on your device is that you’ll have more control, being able to make any type of customization you want.

What options and features does the WhatsApp Plus app offer?

The WhatsApp Plus application offers a series of features that are very attractive to its users, from personalization to privacy control, making this a distinctive feature of the app.

Anyone looking for more options and functions within WhatsApp Messenger will find what they need with Mod Plus.

Now let’s mention some of your options in personalization and privacy control, follow along:

  • Offers anti-ban support, use the app with more peace of mind without worrying about getting banned;
  • Availability of new emojis;
  • A huge diversity of animated stickers;
  • Make various types of customization in the app interface;
  • Change the font sizes to your preference;
  • You will be able to send media files such as audio and video of a larger size;
  • Upload or download images and photos without losing the original resolution and quality of the file;
  • You can select only a part of your text to send to your contacts;
  • Hide profile picture only for some other users;
  • A wide variety of themes to install in the app;
  • Hide your last connection in the app so that your contacts don’t know the time you logged in, but you can see the times of your friends’ connections;
  • See messages deleted by your contacts;
  • Save your friends status images and videos with just one click;
  • You can hide the displayed message blue ticks;
  • The application also offers a wide range of options in privacy control in relation to your contacts.

How to add stickers in WhatsApp Plus?

For you to add stickers in WhatsApp Plus is the same as adding to the standard WhatsApp:

  1. You need to download a pack of stickers, you can go to Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  2. Open the sticker pack app and choose which ones you want to add to your WhatsApp plus.
  3. After that^, go to your WhatsApp mod app and click on emojis and go on stickers and your saved stickers will be there.

Where can I download the WhatsApp Plus app?

The application is available for download here on our website, where you can download it on your android mobile device and enjoy all the advantages that this great app can offer you.

Start your download clicking on the green button at the beginning of the article or at the end of it.

What are the main requirements an Android device needs to install WhatsApp plus?

The main requirements needed to install the app on the android system are:

  1. Your Android device must have at least 4.4 operating system or higher to be compatible;
  2. As it is a modified application, it is necessary to activate it from unknown sources on your Android device, because it will be downloaded outside the Google Play Store.

Why is WhatsApp Plus app not available on Google Play Store or App Store?

The WhatsApp Plus application is not on Google Play or the App Store because it is a modified application that was developed from the original version of WhatsApp, thus making it a Mod and similar app.

To be able to download the modified application it is only possible outside official stores, as here on our website you can download the file directly to your mobile device at no cost and safely.

How to migrate from normal WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

The method is very simple and there are no secrets, but you need to have the WhatsApp Mod APK on your device, and see the instructions below:

  • You need to backup your conversations on the default WhatsApp Messenger app if they are important and you don’t want to lose them.
  • After the backup process of what you think is important, the next step is to uninstall the official WhatsApp application.
  • Now look for the WhatsApp Plus application and install it, remembering to activate the option of unknown sources to complete the installation.
  • Okay, now you can chat with your friends enjoying the best of the app.

Am I at risk of being banned on WhatsApp Plus?

The risk of banning in the app was due to its old and outdated version, but today it has ANTI- BAN support that prevents this from happening. But be cautious due to using the app’s options.

Do not abuse the app’s features, use it sparingly and always update to the latest versions, this is very important.

How to avoid being banned from WhatsApp plus?

As it has been said before, always keep your app up to date! This is essential to avoid banning, because with each update, new improvements are added to the application.

Use the application in a moderate way and do not demand too much of the options it offers.

I want to uninstall WhatsApp Plus and go back to normal, can I do that?

Of course yes! You can do this whenever you want, but don’t forget to back up your conversations so you don’t lose them.

Download the original unmodified application and migrate safely.

Remembering that it is necessary to uninstall an application and then install the other, do not install both at the same time if you want to migrate with the same number.

WhatsApp Plus for iPhone iOS

WhatsApp Plus for the iOS system is much sought after by users of iPhone devices in an attempt to also take advantage of the various possibilities offered by the app.

But it is still not possible to do such a thing, WhatsApp Plus app is only available for Android system, but iOS system users can rely on WhatsApp++ which is an iPhone-only version.

Where can I download the App for iPhone iOS?

If you want to download WhatsApp++ for your iPhone device and discover the advantages of this application, which is a great alternative to WhatsApp Plus for iPhone iOS, click on the link shown below:

Download WhatsApp++ for iPhone

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Download

The WhatsApp Plus application has two different versions, because it currently has two main developers, heymods and alexmods.

But, below we will show the proper app information for each developer.

WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods

ApplicationWhatsApp Plus
size53.6 MB
Last Update17 hours ago
Download APKWhatsApp Plus v21.00

WhatsApp Plus by Alex Mods

ApplicationWhatsApp Plus
size50 MB
Last Update24 hours ago
Download APKWhatsApp Plus v16.20

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better WhatsApp GB or Plus?

When it comes to the HeyMods developer, both have the same features, only the name of WhatsApp GB has more weight.

What’s different about WhatsApp Plus?

The app has much more extra options than the official WhatsApp. The mod version has an advantage over the authentic version precisely because it has an arsenal of options and allows for a better degree of privacy and control over the app.

Is WhatsApp GB the same as WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus are different applications, even though they are produced by the same developer (HeyMods).

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

There is a kind of risk that WhatsApp will end up temporarily or even permanently banning users of WhatsApp Mods, however, as long as you keep your mod up to date, the risk is minimal.

We recommend using Mods for WhatsApp on a secondary number and not your main number.