YCWhatsApp Download APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

YCWhatsApp Download

As you may already know, more than 1 billion people around the world use WhatsApp daily to keep in touch with their friends, relatives and colleagues. 

However, many features are missing. That’s why YCWhatsApp Updated 2022 is a good choice.

If you are a little annoyed because of WhatsApp’s limited features and restrictions, then this article can help and provide you a great solution.

Read on and help yourself by downloading the best advanced version of WhatsApp called YCWhatsApp APK.

If you are looking for a WhatsApp mod that brings you security and also more privacy features, YCWA is your best choice.

Therefore, to help you understand more about YCWA Updated 2022, I have prepared today’s article on this subject. Interested in finding out more? So follow along with me right now!

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What is YCWhatsApp Updated 2022?

YCWhatsApp Updated 2022 looks like your regular WhatsApp but has numerous valuable and time-saving updates. In short, it is a WhatsApp mod that adds new features to the program, increases the security and customization of your WhatsApp.

YCWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp like Soula WhatsApp APK and others. This APK has several features that users used to like.

Through it you can send any file, regardless of format. It is also possible to send larger files.

This APK also includes hundreds of themes and backgrounds. The best part is that it’s free. Yea! It’s free to use on Android devices!

So take advantage today and download YCWA Updated 2022.

This app will provide features like hide blue double check, send the large files, hide last seen status and online. Very good for those who need to take care of privacy.

These functions are very useful as they hide recent activities from users.

And this app is much more elegant and amazing than regular WhatsApp. In regular WhatsApp, users can only send a file to a maximum of 5 people. With YCWhats, users can send a file to 500 other users.

YCWhatsApp Download APK 2022 Latest Version

YCWhatsApp Functions Updated 2022

Here are the main functions of YCWhatsApp Updated 2022:

More privacy features

Undoubtedly, as mentioned above, YCWhatsApp is an excellent alternative to the official application if you are looking for more privacy. Because? Simply because the features it offers are far superior to the official app.

First of all, you can hide that annoying Last Seen part or freeze any time. That way, you can access WhatsApp without anyone knowing that you’ve done it and thus avoid being disturbed by other people.

In addition, it is also possible to eliminate the blue checks that appear when a message has been read. However, you will be able to see other people’s, which will certainly give you an added advantage.

YCWhatsApp APK Download

Improved chat features

Another very interesting point is that in the normal application you can forward a message to a maximum of 5 people (if the message is not already received through forwarding, otherwise the number drops to only 3 people).

But with this app, users can send a file to a group of more than 400 users and the information or documents can be sent to more people.

Also, you can upload much larger video files and keep the quality of them as well as the photos you upload.

YCWhatsApp’s Amazing Customization Features

I got to a part that most people like. Nobody else supports the boring, green interface that the official WhatsApp has imposed and it doesn’t change in any way.

However, luckily, through YCWA it is possible to change and leave the application as you wish.

In fact, there are many different types of amazing fonts in this app that users can use to make the app more creative. The font size can also be increased according to users’ comfort.

Other resources

In fact, there are many other interesting features, for example, users can see the status of any user without informing them.

Also, users can send any message to anyone without saving their number on their phone. With this app, users can also hide the double gray check option so that no one knows the messages have arrived.

This app has full screen mode and has an iPhone-style design – users usually like this design a lot.

Minimum usage requirements

Before you go ahead and download the app from this page, check the minimum requirements first. Make sure your device has ample storage space and the device version meets the minimum requirements. Otherwise, the app may not run properly on your device.

How to Install YCWhatsApp Updated 2022

Follow the steps below to install YCWhatsApp APK Updated 2022:

  • Open your system, go to the browser and search for YCWhatsApp for Android.
  • Now click on the download button. Downloading this app requires some permissions. You have to allow it.
  • After that, it will start to download. Now you can install it.
  • Now open this app and enter your phone number.
  • Verify your number by entering a password.
  • That’s it, now you have successfully installed this app on your phone.

Make sure you have internet access to download and use this app. And it is completely free for all users worldwide. Enjoy it!

How to Download YCWhatsApp Updated 2022

I have shared enough information about the YCWhatsApp app and I hope that now you know a lot more about it. There is no official YCWhatsApp website available out there so you will have to download it from authorized websites like this one.

You can download YCWhatsApp APK from the link below without thinking twice as it has been tested and is working properly. 

Also, you need to install YCWhatsApp APK manually and if you have not installed an APK file before on an Android device, you can follow the above mentioned YCWhats installation steps to install this app without any problem.

Download YCWhatsApp APK 2022 Latest Version

In order for you to get a better sense of YCWhat Updated 2022, here are some interesting features:

Size52 MB
Last update48 hours ago
Download APKDownload YCWhatsApp v4.0
Download YCWhatsApp APK

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is YCWhatsApp?

As you already know and can see throughout this article, YCWhatsApp is a very good option for you who are tired of WhatsApp and its boring interface.

With this modification, you will not only be able to give your application a new lease of life, but also have more security and privacy features.
If you are an iPhone lover then YCWhats is the best WhatsApp Mod APK for you.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, you can rest easily. The download link provided here on the website for YCWhatsApp is completely safe to use. The whole team carefully checks the files so that the APK doesn’t bring you any problems.

How do I install YCWhatsApp?

Installation is much easier, which is one more step to the Play Store installation process. Here are some steps to download and install YCWhatsApp:
* As it is a file outside the Play Store, you will need to enable unknown sources on Android security page;
* Then just click on the link provided on this page.
* After downloading, install the app on your Android phone.
* Complete the verification by providing your mobile number.
* As you finish the verification process, you can now enjoy the amazing features of the latest version of YCWhatsApp Updated 2022.


So that’s all about YCWA for Android. I really expect you to download it from this page.

I will keep this post updated with the latest link to download YCWhatsApp, so keep visiting the page to learn more!

Like to know more about YCWA Updated 2022? So be sure to follow the other articles. I have a lot of other news for you!