YoWhatsApp Download APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

YoWhatsApp APK is a messaging app that was developed from the official version of WhatsApp messenger, being similar in its interface but with a number of additional features.

What to know before downloading YoWhatsApp?

First, you have to understand that YoWhatsapp is an original WhatsApp Mod, which uses the Facebook application code without permission.

Bearing that in mind, it’s obvious that you won’t find it on the Play Store or App Store, or, you need to install it manually via the modified application installation file (APK).

Attention: WhatsApp does not allow you to use both applications together, that is, first backup your original application and only then use the alternative (mod).

If you log into YoWhatsApp APK without noticing this, everything unsaved can be lost.

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Minimum requirements for installing YoWhatsApp

The main requirements that are needed for installing Yo WhatsApp mod app on Android device are:

  • Your Android device needs to have at least 4.4 operating system or higher to be compatible with this file.
  • Because it is an improved application, it is necessary for the user to activate the option of unknown sources on their Android device, this is because the file will be downloaded outside the official Google Play store.
  • For a good performance of the application on your device, we recommend that you have a reasonable storage space and memory.

Is there a version of YoWhatsApp for iPhone iOS?

The YoWhatsApp application for the iPhone iOS system has a huge search for users of iPhone devices who in an attempt to also enjoy the various possibilities and advantages that are offered by the application.

But unfortunately it is still not possible, YoWhatsApp mod app is only available for Android system users, but iOS system users can rely on WhatsApp++ mod which is a specific version for iPhone devices.

Where to download for iPhone iOS?

If you want to download the WhatsApp++ application for your iPhone iOS device and enjoy all the advantages that this application has, which would be an excellent YoWhatsApp alternative for iPhone iOS, click on the link shown below:

You can find a version here.

Can I get banned from YoWhatsApp app?

There are some cases of users who have been banned from some Mods apps, such as YoWa and others, it’s for some reasons, but to get to this point a user is permanently banned from the app.

But rest assured, the ban is caused by reasons that we will alert you and make you be careful and you can use the app normally.

How to use this APK and avoid banning?

First of all, you should keep your YoWa app always up to date with the latest version installed on your device, this way you will avoid major problems such as app bans.

Another very important thing, don’t overdo the features offered by the YoWhatsApp app, let’s say you use all the privacy control features intensively and exaggeratedly all at once.

This will show a suspicious way of using the app, and in some cases it generates banishment, but not always, but it’s good to prevent yourself so use it more regularly and don’t demand everything from the app, so you can use it without any worries.

Main differentials of YoWa APK

 Most users of WhatsApp mods are looking for the APK because of its extra features that, for the most part, will probably not be able to be implemented in the WhatsApp Messenger version.

Function 1: View Status Without Being Seen

Seeing someone’s status without the person knowing they’ve been seen violates WhatsApp app policies.

This rule was established precisely so that people can know who is interested in viewing their status, who saw it and at what time.

This rule ensures that people know who is really interested in their posts.

Function 2: Download Personal Photos and Videos

Another function that can complicate someone’s life is to download personal photos and videos with 1 click and use it without the person’s consent.

There is the right to image and it is supported by the federal constitution of Brazil.

Function 3: Cannot be blocked by people

Another weird feature of some WhatsApp mods is that a person who no longer wants to contact you can’t block you.

Yes, some mods have this function and do not allow your numbers to be blocked by anyone, not even other WhatsApp mod users.

Do you still think it is necessary to explain the importance of being able to block or avoid contact with someone if you want to? So it is.

Function 4: Sending Lock Zaps

There is a type of message sent by WhatsApp that, when accepted, can completely crash the application.

This is because, very ingeniously, people who understand programming and code manufacture messages that the application has trouble reading and understanding.

When a normal WhatsApp receives a message from travazap, the messenger ends up having its functions completely unusable, forcing the person who received the message to reinstall their WhatsApp.

Yo WhatsApp Download 2022

Imagine the following situation:

Think of someone who uses WhatsApp for important purposes, such as scheduling medical appointments, scheduling appointments, selling through the app, etc.

Well, imagine a person like that receiving a travazap, crashing their app and forcing the person to reinstall WhatsApp without having had time to backup their conversations.

The damage is great and this can never be implemented and spread for the good of all.

This is even being studied to be considered a crime with imprisonment. See how bad it is?

Well, YoWhatsApp does not have this type of function, but with the right configuration, it can become immune to these malicious messages.

What’s New in the New Version v21.00.0

  • New Play Store base version implemented on 05/18/2022
  • New feature that modifies the voice to different formats, such as robot voice, woman voice, google voice and many others;
  • Added personal privacy feature
  • Added feature that allows more options in single photo view
  • Added feature that allows status to always be online
  • Added the feature that allows fingerprint locking of hidden chats
  • New size of 53.6 MB
  • Implemented new coding that makes it even more difficult for a person to be identified as a user of a WhatsApp mod
  • Anyway, now you can backup your WhatsApp You to Google Drive
  • Fixed emoji bugs
  • Theme store bug fix
  • Added improvement to emoji drawing tool
  • Fixed issue when sending 5 minute video to status
  • New 2022 anti-ban option enhancement
  • Added function that allows messages to be deleted after 90 days
  • Paint and Emoji Improvements
  • Twenty UI Bugs Fixed
  • Theme bug fix
  • Feature bug fixes
  • Image resource optimization
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Inclusion of new options

YoWhatsApp HeyMods Features

It’s no wonder that many WhatsApp users flock to YoWhatsApp 2022 os its new features “turbine” their messaging app.

See the main extra functions of YoWhatsApp Updated 2022:

  • Send up to 100 photos with a size of 18 MB to unlimited contacts at once;
  • Now the app supports Animated stickers;
  • Dynamic background theme;
  • DIY;
  • Filters for photos in real time;
  • Chat header format same as facebook messenger;
  • Video call with 8 people;
  • “Find Friends” function;
  • DND mode;
  • Support for Dark Mode;
  • Hide chat conversations;
  • You can freeze your “last seen”;
  • Contacts cannot delete messages already sent;
  • Zoom in on the profile picture;
  • You can now pin up to 1000 chats;
  • Photos are sent without the contact knowing it is a forwarded message;
  • Records 5-minute videos and allows posting to Stories;
  • Improved App speed;
  • Password protect individual conversations;
  • Forwarding of videos of 80Mb in size, but it is only possible to receive if the recipient also uses WhatsApp Yo;
  • Option to Hide the option “is typing…”;
  • Option to hide the option “recording audio…”;
  • Option to hide Online status;
  • View deleted messages from the conversation;
  • Access to several new Emoticons;
  • Single view images;
  • Several new custom themes and not just the background of conversations;
  • Forwarding messages to a larger number of contacts at once;
  • Watch Youtube videos without leaving the app;
  • Follow updates from friends in a simpler way.

About Migration between WhatsApp Mods

According to reports from a GBWhats user, he tried to migrate the database from GBWhatsApp PRO by Alex Mods version to Sam Mods GB WhatsApp without success.

Apparently the Alex Mods version does not allow this migration.

We warn this so that other users avoid migrating between WhatsApp Mods as it is possible that the backup recovery process will fail.

Always using the same version of WhatsApp Mod guarantees or at least reduces the risk of data loss, loss of animated stickers and other files.

We have not yet carried out tests with YoWhatsApp HeyMods having its database migrated to devices with other mods, however, as soon as we do such a test we will post it here to solve doubts and share information.

Yo WhatsApp Download APK 2022 Latest Version

Size53 MB
Last update7 days ago
Download APKDownload YoWhatsApp APK v21.00.0

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to download updated Yo WhatsApp?

To download the updated version of the app, click on the “Download YoWhatsApp” button at the top of the post or just click right here.

What is the new version of YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp HeyMods new version is v21.00.0.

What is the best version of YoWhatsApp?

The best version we currently recommend is v21.00.0 by Hey Mods Team.

Which is better GB WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp?

The best app is undoubtedly GB WhatsApp, however, when it comes to HeyMods, what changes is practically the name of the apps, but their code is practically the same, so you can use YoWhatsApp with peace of mind.

How to install WhatsApp YOWA?

To install this WhatsApp Mod do the following:
Backup your conversations;
Then uninstall normal WhatsApp;
Install Yowa and restore the last backup;
Grant all permissions to the app and you’re done