GB WhatsApp Download APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

GB WhatsApp Download

Original GB WhatsApp+ or GB Whats is a mod application that offers many extra features beyond what official WhatsApp does. This is the key behind this app which is a huge success not only in Brazil but worldwide. 

If you wish to download GB WhatsApp+ from a secure source, this is the place. Here, the apps are only made available after an extensive search for malware. 

Download here on GBWhats the greatest and more acclaimed WhatsApp Mod on your Android device.

GB WhatsApp+ Latest Version 2022

GB WhatsApp continues to be the top 1 for android users while iOS folks can only dream about it.

The main human need in the online world is communication, and this is without a doubt, farther more interesting with the extra features from GB WhatsApp.

Make the most out of everything this application can offer regarding cool attributes and tools.

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What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a Mod application developed from the official WhatsApp Messenger, although it offers a range of features and tools for users that official WhatsApp misses. 

Let us say it is an upgraded version with higher levels of customization and privacy settings regarding your contacts. 

What is the original GB Whats latest version?

There is a bunch of versions for GB WhatsApp versions already released by now. New features are added and safety tools are improved at every update.

The most recent update is named GB WhatsApp 2022. However, some users still prefer to use previous versions. 

Download here the latest GB WhatsApp update.

GB WhatsApp+ Download

Where to find GB WhatsApp?

If you want to download the original GB WhatsApp on your device, you will find the link right here on this page to get this notorious app. 

GB WhatsApp 2022 update

Here at you find the original GB updates developed by the most reliable WhatsApp Modders from the present era.

A new update is released every two weeks with enhanced features, better performance, and faster navigation. 

One of the most cheered updates was the classification of one-on-one and group chats into different tabs of the app. 

Another most expected tool was the voice changer brought by Alex Mods and found in Sam Mods update; both are available to download here on this page.

Exceptional functionalities also include the protection of native chats by fingerprint and chat hiding. Those come in handy to avoid nosy friends who like to read your chats just for sport when they reach your phone.

GB tricks: find out the main features

  1. Log in to two accounts simultaneously on the same device; 
  2. Find out when a specific contact gets online and check your chats; 
  3. Customize the blue ticks for read messages with a range of cool options; 
  4. Upload longer videos in your Status. 

Why install GB WhatsApp 2022 Update?

If you want to be offered more than what official WhatsApp is able to regarding tools and functionalities, then you must get GB Whats in order to have a higher-level customizable experiences and more control of your privacy. 

With GB Whats on your smartphone, you will widen your possibilities and the limits set by the standard application will no longer exist.

You will be in control of your chatting. 

How does original GB WhatsApp beat the standard application?

GB Whats is a refined version that offers more customizing tools, extra features, and more privacy control for your data. 

When compared to WhatsApp Messenger, we can expect the mod outstands in almost every aspect for users. 

GB WhatsApp APK Download

Here you can check how GB WhatsApp is superior to WhatsApp Messenger:

  • More personalization control of user interface; 
  • Wider variety of themes;
  • More privacy control concerning your contacts; 
  • Larger media files are allowed to be sent, such as pictures and videos;
  • No resolution compression of media files when sending in chat;
  • More media extension files accepted such as .pdf, .txt and .doc among others.

What are the minimum device requirements to get GB WhatsApp latest update?

To run GB Whats with acceptable performance, your device must comply with:

  1. Android operational system equivalent to 4.0.3 or superior updates; 
  2. Reasonable RAM memory and storage capacity for modern smartphones, so the application will not crash on your phone.

What’s the best GB Whats for iPhone? 

GB WhatsApp has always been sought by iOS users, but the bad news is the mod application has only been developed for Android so far. 

WhatsApp++ is a great alternative for iPhone devices. It counts with almost all the tools and features that GB has to offer.

GB WhatsApp Download APK 2022
GBWhats is the best WhatsApp Mod!

How to download GB Whats for iPhone?

If you got interested in this Mod but own an Apple phone, you can try WhatsApp++ for iPhone iOs instead. 

Download link here: Download WhatsApp++ for iPhone iOS

Is original GB WhatsApp+ safe for use?

Despite it being a Mod app from the official one, GB WhatsApp is well secured due to regular improvements in its updates.

Since it is a third-party developed app, its developers are constantly working to offer new resources and safety to its users.

How to set GB WhatsApp to Brazilian Portuguese?

To set GB Whats in Portuguese-BR, follow these steps below: 

  1. Open your GB Whats application
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the three dots to open the settings page; 
  3. Now click on the universal button, right below themes; 
  4. Then, hit the settings button and then App Language
  5. Click on Portuguese-BR;.
  6. Now you can enjoy the app in Portuguese.
GB WhatsApp APK Download

Is there a “GB WhatsApp Web” to access it by the computer?

There is no WhatsApp Web Mod for using GB on your computer and in fact, there is no need to.

The only alternative to open your WhatsApp chats on a PC is by WhatsApp Web. And GB works perfectly in standard WhatsApp Web. 

Ok, then. How do I migrate from WhatsApp Messenger to GB Whats+?

That is very simple to be done, no secrets. Before downloading the app GB Whats on your device, follow these steps:

  • Backup your chats on official WhatsApp Messenger if you wish to keep them;
  • Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger app on your device;
  • Now install GB WhatsApp on it and recover your chats through backup. 

How do I know if a contact of mine is using GB WhatsApp? 

Since GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger are practically the same except for some extra functionalities, it is hard to know when someone else is texting from GB Whats

However, you may note some details that give the game away. For instance, if they send you media files that WhatsApp application does not support or their status media is longer than what is allowed in the official app. 

You can only guess when a contact is texting from a WhatsApp Mod by getting these details. 

How can I add stickers on my original GB Whats?

That’s very simple. To add a sticker package on your GB Whats, just do the same procedure you would for WhatsApp Messenger. You need only to download a sticker app on Play Store. You will find several ones and all of them work on GB. 

After downloading it, open it on your smartphone and you will find a button to add the stickers to WhatsApp. Hit it and on GB Whats, click on the emoji icon and then stickers. The package you added will be there available for use.

Can I be banned from using GB WhatsApp+?

Indeed, that has already happened to a minimum number of users. It is primarily about the misuse of the app or not following the recent updates, which tend to offer better protection against banning. 

Keep your GB Whats always up to date and use its features wisely. That way you will not need to worry about being cut out of the platform.

How shall I use WhatsApp Mods with no risk of being banned?

In order to avoid the risk of being banned from the WhatsApp platform, you shall keep your Mod app always up to date.

Plus, do not overuse the extra tools and features. Use them regularly. Also, try not to use all the resources at once.

Can I shift back to official WhatsApp Messenger if I no longer wanna use GB Whats? 

Of course you can migrate to official WhatsApp Messenger on your device without trouble.

Just don’t forget first to back up your data from GB Whats if you wish to keep them. 

Then download WhatsApp Messenger on your device.

I didn’t manage to update my GB app. How can I do it? 

Updating your GB WhatsApp is as uncomplicated as follows:

  1. Open your GB application and find the three-dot button on the upper right side of the screen;
  2. Open the Settings and search for Updates
  3. You can check the latest updates and download them from the web in the app; 
  4. Once you click on Web Download, you will be redirected to the developer’s website, where you can find the latest version of the mod to download;  
  5. Proceed with the installation after the download, it will replace the earlier version; 
  6. Then ready to chat. 

What is the future of GB Whats? 

We can never know for sure what’s around the corner for GB Whats, but what we do know is that GB Whats is currently one of the most download APK for mobile devices. 

So, we can expect it will be available for a very long time as long as it keeps filling the needs of so many users.

Download GB WhatsApp 2022 Update by HeyMods

ApplicationGB WhatsApp
File size53.6 MB
Last update22 hours ago
APK DownloadDownload GB WhatsApp v20.50.0

Download GB WhatsApp 2022 Update by SamMods

ApplicationGB WhatsApp
File size
Last update15 days ago
DeveloperSam Mods
Download APKDownload GBWhatsApp v13.00

Are there any other GB Whats updates?

Other versions for GB WhatsApp are available with similar privacy and customizing tools. 

One of the most well-known ones from third-party developers was brought by SAMMODS: 

  • GB WhatsApp v13.00 by SAMMODS

Other variants from, the developer of original GB WhatsApp, also stand out:

  • YoWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • HeyWhatsApp also offers more alternatives: 

  • WhatsApp Plus v16.20
  • WhatsApp GB Pro v16.20
  • OGWhatsApp Pro v16.20

It is up to each user to pick the one that suits them better.


What’s GB WhatsApp for?

You can do pretty much everything you do on your WhatsApp Messenger with a whole range of new features and alternatives to improve your experience.

As an example, you can check your contact’s status without them knowing by hiding your name from the list of viewers.

What GB WhatsApp is the best?

According to a survey, the best Mod is WhatsApp GB Pro by Alex Mods atm.

The HeyMods has allowed intrusive ads in the app, which has caused its appraisal to experience a downfall lately.

Where is the link to download up-to-date GB WhatsApp?

Click here to visit the download page.

Which version is the original GB WhatsApp?

Since its creation, several third-part developers have worked on their own versions of the app.

Nowadays it is just not possible to find which one was the first to release the Mod app. But what’s important is to know which ones keep releasing updates and improving app security.