How to uninstall GB WhatsApp

Many seek to learn how to uninstall WhatsApp GB, as this MOD does not always please users, especially due to the lack of familiarity with the amount of features that it offers.

After all, there are several features offered by this app, which ends up creating a much more confusing interface than the original version.

Therefore, this strangeness may end up leading to the desire to remove this MOD from your device, but despite this, it is known that WhatsApp GB has been gaining more and more followers.

However, if you tried hard to use it and didn’t get a good fit, it’s important to learn how to properly delete it from your smartphone.

So, check below how to uninstall WhatsApp GB right now. Check step by step:

Attention: Please backup before uninstalling

If you want to uninstall WhatsApp GB because you no longer want to use it or just because you are going to change your device, but you want to keep all the conversations you have, it is recommended that you make a backup.

The good news is that this procedure is done very quickly and easily, just open the application and follow the steps below:

  • Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner;
  • Then you go to the “settings” option;
  • In this step, you must choose the “conversations” option;
  • Then, press the button called “backup chat”;
  • Once this is done, you will be directed to the backup page and just wait for the procedure to be fully completed.

So by doing this process, when you use WhatsApp again with your phone number in the original version, your conversations will be kept.

So, don’t forget to backup if you have important information and dialogs in your WhatsApp account. When it is not done, you lose absolutely everything and it is not possible to recover later.

How to uninstall Whatsapp GB from the menu?

This is the easiest and simplest way for you to uninstall WhatsApp GB from your device, as it works for any smartphone and is well known and used.

So, if you prefer a quick procedure, you can remove the app through your phone’s menu.

For that, all you will need to do is press on the application for a few seconds until the “uninstall” button appears.

So, just click on it and wait a few seconds until the application completely disappears from your menu.

Okay, as soon as it disappears, it automatically means that WhatsApp GB has been uninstalled from your smartphone. That simple!

How to uninstall WhatsApp GB through settings?

The other way to uninstall WhatsApp GB is through your Android device’s settings, which can be a little more complicated than the previous one, but just as efficient.

In this case, you will need to access your smartphone’s settings and, for that, just open the menu and search for “settings”. It is usually represented as a gear, which makes it easier to find.

So, within that settings space, go in search of “apps and notifications”. In this part are all the applications installed on your mobile, including GB WhatsApp.

By the way, when you find WhatsApp GB in this configuration space, you must click on it and you will have access to some important information about the app, including the “uninstall” button.

That way, just press it and configure the uninstall. So, wait a few minutes and WhatsApp GB will be successfully removed from your mobile device.

Do you know how this version works? Access this tutorial to learn more: How to use GB WhatsApp version 2022 and how it works.


Now you know exactly how to uninstall WhatsApp GB, right? After all, it is a procedure that can be done in two very easy ways and it is only up to you to choose which one to use.

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