Is the use of the GBWhatsApp APK legal?

What instant messaging app do you use? It is very likely that it is WhatsApp or even GBWhatsApp, isn’t it?

After all, this more advanced version is a Mod that has been pleasing more and more users.

That’s because, it has incredible features and adds much more value to your WhatsApp, because it’s no wonder that the GBWhatsApp version has been falling in popular taste and is a champion of downloads.

However, is GBWhatsApp legal? Below you will find the answer to this question. Check it out right now!

Is GBWhatsApp legal?

At first glance, WhatsApp GB is quite similar to the traditional and official version. However, it has different features, such as:

  • The possibility of using 2 phone numbers at once;
  •  It does not show that you have read the message;
  •  You can remove it by typing or recording audio;
  • You can change the app’s colors, even adding themes;
  • It accepts to create groups whose name is up to 35 characters;
  • Enables scheduling in sending messages;
  • Allows you to see stories without the person knowing;
  • Allows you to download your contacts’ stories without using external apps.

You sure were excited to hear that, right? However, it is important to be aware that GBWhatsApp is not legal. It’s not even available on the Play Store for that reason.

After all, because it is a MOD, it violates the laws that are imposed, since it is a copy application, a factor that is not allowed by the Play Store.

In this way, you can only access the GB through external websites, where you download the APK and install it on your cell phone by activating the “unknown sources” option.

Also, WhatsApp GB is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, which means that its code was developed with the original version. Therefore, there is a violation of intellectual property here.

Given all this information, it is clear and evident that WhatsApp GB is not legal.

But are there any risks in using it?

As this is not a legal app, you might be dealing with some risks when you make use of them.

Thus, the main problem that can happen is that you have your account banned from WhatsApp, as one of the rules established by the official application is not to make use of copy versions.

However, this can be circumvented by always updating WhatsApp GB, as recent anti-ban versions are always included with the aim of ending this type of situation.

In addition, there is still a risk of having your conversations or data leaked, since there is no guarantee that messages are encrypted or how your information will be used by developers.

Some creators say that GB WhatsApp has the same security as WhatsApp, but as long as it is downloaded from a safe and reliable source. So this is another point to be aware of. To download this advanced version, go here. [PAGE LINK].

So, in general, GBWhatsApp is not legal, there are risks and it is important to be aware of each one of them before installing this improved version.

Access this article to learn more about this application: What is GB WhatsApp and what is it for.


As seen, despite the many features and tools, WhatsApp GB is not a cool application, as it is a copy of the original version.

As a result, to download it, you need to search for external sources on the internet, always prioritizing reliable sites that you know at least.

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