WhatsApp Red Download APK 2022 (Official Latest Version)

WhatsApp Red Download

WhatsApp Red is one of the variations of app mods (modifications) that also include some really cool customizations of the WhatsApp GB app, any user can have it installed on their Android device and make their app look better.

The app has pretty much the same options and improved features that the regular GB WhatsApp provides, such as advanced privacy options within the app and also like customizing the interface, leaving you with a more beautiful menu and a different style.

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Updated WhatsApp Red Key Features

The main features and functionality of this app are the same as the regular GB WhatsApp, such as improving the functions and features that already existed in the original WhatsApp.

In it you also recognize some functions that have been added recently, making mod apps much more sought after than the official WhatsApp app itself and why.

We will show you some of the main features that WhatsApp Red offers to its user:

  • Available options for sending photos without losing the original quality;
  • Supports ANTI-BAN;
  • You can send images, audio and videos in a larger size, exceeding the limits of the official version;
  • Support for multiple file types;
  • You can hide the “last seen”, but you will be able to see it from all your friends;
  • You can hide the, “recording audio” and also, “typing…” , but you can see from all others;
  • Hide your online presence, but see others;
  • you can put a password in any conversation that you want to keep safe and for no one to have access;
  • You will have more privacy control of your app;
  • You will be able to copy any type of status from your friends;
  • You can leave any conversation hidden.
Red GB WhatsApp
Red GB WhatsApp | Image: Canva PRO

Functions of WhatsApp Red 2022

This variant comes with a ton of energizing highlights and customization that you’ll especially treasure. Examine the features that come with it below:


Recently, WhatsApp introduced the opt-out option for sent messages. Whatever you sent to the next individual, if you wish, you can delete it.

So you don’t have to worry about making an inappropriate impression on an individual, now you are able to erase them before they read.

Deleting the message after sending it doesn’t feel very comforting to the individual you’re talking to. He ends up becoming more curious about what potential could be.

In this way, WhatsApp Red has accompanied a very interesting feature. It offers the anti-delete option, which, when activated, will not allow the other individual to delete the sent message.

You have the right to acknowledge what has been sent to you and WhatsApp Red 2022 assures you that you certainly do.

No more problem finding out what was erased. To do this, go to settings > tap on security > click on the Anti-delete button.

Freeze Last Seen

Another very interesting feature of WhatsApp Red Updated 2022 is the possibility to freeze the last time you found it in the app.

That way, you can go online without people knowing about it.

Secretly see status

You can see people’s statuses without joining the people who viewed list. This is great when you want to stalk someone anonymously.

Better media sharing

You might be tired of the breaking point WhatsApp has for sharing media.

Also, do you find it annoying to upload a limit of 30 photos one after another or restricted MBs of video to share? You are not alone.

Numerous people find this to be exceptionally irritating. They need to share media records as quickly as possible without interference.

WhatsApp keeps meddling with them and doesn’t allow us to share most of the media files at once.

WhatsApp Red allows you to reverse this problem. It overcame the situation and allowed users to share recordings of up to 2GB.

High resolution images can be transmitted smoothly. To enable this component, go to the 3-dot button > select Conversations > select Media Sharing Option.

Emphasis on privacy

You no longer have to worry about your privacy with WhatsApp Red. It has a number of cool features that can help you keep you more relaxed while using this messaging app.

Red WhatsApp APK Download


WhatsApp Red Download


  • The necessary requirements to be able to install the application on your android device are to have at least android operating system 4.0.3 or above.
  • It is necessary for the user to enable the function for installing unknown applications, which is located in the settings of your android device.

How to Download WhatsApp Red 2022 for Android

  1. To download Red WhatsApp 2022 on your device, you can do it here on our website, through a download link that will be available below.
  2. To install it on your device, locate the apk file downloaded on your device and when you open it, it will ask for the user’s permission to activate the option of unknown sources, it serves to install applications outside the Play Store, in other words, to allow the installation of Apps downloaded through your browser.
  3. Activate the option of unknown sources, to complete the installation of the App on your device.
  4. It will be necessary to extract the file in .ZIP format to apply WhatsApp Red on your Android.

NOTE: Do not worry, activating the option to allow the installation of unknown Apps that have been downloaded in your browser or transferred by any other device, does not mean that they are prohibited or that they will harm your device, rest assured.

WhatsApp Red 2022 Download for Android

To download WhatsApp Red plus 2022 for your android device, go through the available download link shown below:

Specifications and Download

ApplicationWhatsApp Red
Size55 MB
Last update3 days ago
Download APKDownload WhatsApp Red v14.37
Red WhatsApp Download 2022

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to download WhatsApp Red Updated 2022?

Just click on the link provided here on the page. It is safe and does not contain viruses. You find it both at the top and at the bottom of the page.

Can I get banned for using a WhatsApp mod?

As it is a modified version, there is always that risk. However, if that happens, WhatsApp usually temporarily bases users.
With the new anti-ban updates, this has become increasingly rare.

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